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Who are we and what have we done...

Hacker Hockey Club
-Most games consist of at least 90 minute times. We have played over 5000 games in the valley since 1998!
-Networking With The Stars gives an opportunity to network together using the club's website for business,
-HackerHockeyClub.com is the very effective way of communicating with such a large group,
-Testimonials come in almost every week from players that are benefiting from their membership and are posted regularly on the forum,
-Tournaments- Our own Annual Maple Syrup tournament, the Turkey Cup, and the Independence Day tournaments. We no longer participate in any other tournaments as they adversely affect our games.
-Jerseys are provided to every player to wear for that particular game,
-Every player is insured for liability,
-Over 500 rostered members,
-Referral program and Captain's Bonus for bringing new players to the club
-Student Specials half price for first 2 that sign up for any game.
-New Member Beer nights and numerous social get togethers weekly have helped form numerous friendships.

Icemen That Care
(Registered Non profit 501 (c)3 foundation #1005672)
-Operated Takin' It To The Streets-- street hockey with kids in Mesa and Phoenix for over 5 years,
-Winners of Arizona's Champions for Children Award in 2001,
-Have donated thousands of dollars in food, clothing, toys, and used sports equipment to needy athletes and families,
-Have held Friendship Games with the Phoenix Suns and the YMCA and includes kids from Thomas J. Pappas School, south Phoenix, and Mesa.
-Have held their Turkey Cup Toy Drives since 1998 and have collected thousands of new toys!
-Provided scholarships for kids and adults who struggle with the financial burden of playing hockey,
-Have held the Can/Am Festival Games and have raised thousands of dollars for local charities,
-Collect stuffed animals to give to kids who are in pain,
-Have held Online Auctions of hockey memorabilia with money going to charity,
-Taken hundreds of kids to Phoenix Suns & Coyotes games throughout the year,
-Given unemployed adult hockey players a chance to play in exchange for community service vouchers,
-Given hockey gear to those who have had it stolen or can't afford to buy it including a donation of over $145,000 in used gear to Wadena, Minnesota.
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