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The Fundamentals of Hacker Hockey
(Read This!)

  1. It's only a puck and it's only a game.
    It's only a puck 'n game!

  2. Don't take Frank too seriously. He just wants what's best for this HUGE group of guys who love to play hockey.
  3. Don't take yourself too seriously. This is for fun.
  4. Pass the puck. It is better to give then to score.
  5. Head man the puck to the wingers who are ahead of you. Remember the guys without the puck can skate faster than the guy with the puck.
  6. Clear the puck in your own zone off the boards. Use the boards as a 6th skater. Don't clear the puck thru the middle of your zone and risk giving up a clear shot to the opponent at your goalie.
  7. When coming back into your zone and you are the defense on a 2 or 3 on 1 take the player who can receive the pass. Let the goalie take the shooter. Remember the player without the puck is the most dangerous player on the ice.
  8. Defensemen stay just inside not outside the opponents blue line. Your job is to keep the puck in the attack zone. Otherwise if it comes out, then your other 4 teammates have to come out of the zone before they can go back in to attack.
  9. Skate hard both ways. Both in attacking and defending. Get your money's worth.
  10. Centers make sure you pick up the 3rd attacker deep in your zone. If you count 3 offending jerseys in front of your goalie and you are high in the zone waiting for a break out pass, you are out of position.
  11. Don't cherry pick. (Defn: Being more then 2 zones away from the puck) It makes your 4 team mates work harder to defend against the other team's 5 players and ruins the game for the other team's defense. Stay in the play.
  12. In a Hacker game, the defensemen generally don't go behind the net. The center or wingers should.
  13. Talk to each other on the ice. Listen for each other on the ice.
  14. Hustle on and off the ice at the shift changes. Be careful not to get into the way of the new players who may be rushing the puck.
  15. When you hear "change" or a whistle and you know the lines are changing resist the urge to shoot or pass the puck one more time. Leave the puck where it is. It isn't fair to the guys coming on the ice when the puck is live and you risk hurting a goalie when he has temporarily relaxed.
  16. Hang up your jersey after the game. They are washed after every game.
  17. Pay before you play. If you don't you won't play. Would you go into a store to buy a hockey stick without any money? You can't here either.
  18. It's 4 hours or the night B4! If you don't show up for a spot you've reserved or you cancel with less than 4 hours notice you still owe your fee. If you have to call an hour before a morning game to cancel, please just pay your $30 the next time you see me. No questions asked. (See Cancellation Policy).
  19. Don't ever hit or grab at anyone. If you bump somebody you're not going to be asked to play again. There is NO contact not even bumping.
  20. If the puck is called offside or you've committed an obvious penalty, give the puck up to the other team don’t shoot it away.
  21. Warm up the goalies. Don't try to score as much as give the goalie as chance to get a feel for the puck. Don't practice your deking during warm-ups. Shoot hard shots, low medium and high.
  22. The puck is always live unless in or near the goalie's glove. There is no ref to whistle a play dead. Don’t risk hurting a goalies hand while he tries to cover the puck.
  23. No face offs. No referees. It is up to you to talk to your team mates regarding infractions. We self police each other.
  24. Always be careful with any play near the boards. If two of you are racing for the boards and you win the puck but send the other member to the hospital is it really worth it?
  25. Games end when the Ice Tech opens the Zamboni doors. Do not put the pucks on the ice until the zamboni doors are closed as well.
  26. Be on time. If you aren't in the locker room 20 minutes before the game, your spot can be given up to someone who is waiting and wanting to play. If you are going to be late, just call and give us a heads up at 602-574-9900 and we won't give up your spot.
  27. If you have to cancel your spot because your plans have changed, remember it takes at least 10 calls or 30 text messages to find one guy. If you have to cancel a Friday afternoon or Sunday Morning game it will cost you $5 regardless of when you ask for the change.

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