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The Hacker Hockey Club's Story...

Hockey in the Arizona desert all year round. To some, it's brand new. To others, it's the missing piece of a life left behind elsewhere. Regardless of where club members first played, they've never participated in as unique a brand of play as demonstrated by the Hacker Hockey Club. Hacker Hockey is a complimentary program designed to support the valley's adult hockey leagues and grow the sport. It allows new players the opportunity to experience the sport in a non-aggressive environment with additional ice time.

Our first official game was Feb 25th, 1999 although our first game was the Turkey Cup in November of '98. We started with 20 of the founder's buddies. Today we have a roster with nearly 2000 names and numbers and emails on it. Our club would be nothing without each of the dedicated players as well as our Office Manager, Tanya Eiler, We formed this club for 3 reasons. For the extra ice time, for the fun, and for the opportunity to meet and network with other hockey players. Plus the club provides many of our members as coaches and league team captains. Hacker Hockey Club then becomes a huge talent pool where captains can asses potential new players for their upcoming leagues. Over 95% of our members play in the local leagues and also have their children playing the minor leagues as well. The whole philosophy proves to be a huge win/win for all involved. If you are new to town or new to hockey, you'll meet captains of teams in the leagues and be able to move into these leagues each new season. The cost for playing a Hacker game is just $30 a game and you pay before each game. Membership Dues which include Liability Insurance but not health insurance is $45 a year. There are no other up front costs. You can check out the schedule on our website HackerHockeyClub.com and find a time and rink that suits you. The website will then confirm your reservation by email. Be sure to keep your email address current and or check your spam folder as these are automatically generated. It's that easy!

Since our inception, we have played without referees and yet have never had a fight and if somebody does gets a little aggressive we simply talk to them and ask them to conform to the “Hacker Spirit.” If they don't or can't then we suspend them for a couple of games and we have found that the guys that really want to play this style of recreational hockey conform pretty quickly! For off sides or obvious penalties, we simply turn the puck over to the other team. When a goal is scored, the offended team digs the puck out of the net and brings it back into play and up the ice. The players are matched by skill. Line one players are usually veteran hockey players, some of whom have played for more than 40 years! Some of who are ex or current NHLers. We have in our membership current and past professional players like Bobby Smith, Jocelyn Lemieux, Ron Filion, Claude Lemieux, Rob MacLean, Marty McSorely, JJ Daignault, Jamie Baker, Bob Essensa, Doug Matteson. Then we even have Jeremy Roenick who comes out and dazzles us every once and a while who is currently in the NHL. Line two players represent most of the players in our club. They are new or rusty to the game. Over 65% of the club is made up of line 2 players. Our goal is to turn those who play hockey into becoming hockey players. We play a minute 45 to two minute shifts. With an eye on the clock, you’ll see players jump quickly over the boards and continue the play as the players on the ice hurry off for a rest. This keeps the game moving, exciting and also gives each of us who play, a better workout. One of the draw backs with referees is that when they blow their whistles, the play stops and thus the workout and conditioning stops.

As an old friend of ours used to say: “It is a Great Day for Hockey.”
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