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The Turkey Cup originated in 1998, when a number of the club's members found that their wives preferred they be out of the house during the Thanksgiving holiday meal preparation. The players decided to organize some charity hockey games to keep themselves busy and to contribute to local nonprofit organizations. All Turkey Cup players are required to give brand new toys before they play in each game. Toy hampers are set up at the rinks and area sporting goods stores. The toys are then collected and delivered by Santa's Sleigh and taken down to the Santa Emergency Stores to be donated to the homeless and less fortunate families. The hockey players decided to call these charity and community service activities their ”Icemen that Care community service program.” This has expanded to run from the Wednesday before Thanksgiving right thru to Christmas Eve and over the years have collected over thousands of  toys.

Even the Hacker wives got into the act by going "shopping for toys" with the cash donations that were made to their husbands' club. The hockey players particularly like that all toys collected are donated to the homeless and less fortunate families in return for “community service credits.” At the Emergency Santa Stores, the families receive toys and clothing in exchange for agreeing to contribute to community service projects in their neighborhoods. For example, many families have contributed to neighborhood cleanup and graffiti removal projects. The Icemen that Care donations to Santa Emergency Stores have helped generate over 5,000 new volunteers contributing to a wide variety of neighborhood community service projects.

Corporations and local companies get very involved in this by hosting toy drives at their locations and by donating cash which in turn is used to buy toys for these needy kids. Toys are dropped off at the valley's rinks and local hockey stores. They have also added a twist to their annual club holiday party which brings over 400 members out each year. Each attendee must bring at least one new toy as admission to this gourmet festive celebration. Each year hundreds more toys are collected at this event. You can help too. Thanks for your help.
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