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Here's what you get when you join the Hacker Hockey Club. Membership dues are $45 a calendar year and include liability insurance.

  1. Organized recreational adult hockey.
  2. 20 Skaters or less. No more. Only two lines.
  3. Always 2 goalies.
  4. Lines evenly matched by skill.
  5. Equal time 2 minute shifts
  6. Fun.
  7. Jerseys provided at each game.
  8. Improved conditioning.
  9. No fear of getting blind-sided.
  10. Great friendships.
  11. You just pay as you play.
  12. You can access the Adult League Team captains for valley leagues.
  13. If you have to cancel your spot and a replacement is found there is no charge.(except under extreme conditions)
  14. $1 Million liability insurance coverage.
  15. Discounts at most of the major hockey equipment stores.
  16. Captain's bonus save $5 when you bring 4 other teammates.
  17. New member beer nights.
  18. If you are unemployed, you can still play. Just pay us back based on volunteer hours to the club. E.g. 1 game = 1 hour of community service with Icemen That Care
  19. Web page advertising.
  20. Innumerable networking opportunities for business.
  21. And so much more. Ask any club member for more!
  22. Student discounts

Continuous time without stoppages makes for a better workout especially when you are matched with equal skill and only have 2 lines.

  • Unemployed Hackers - If you are out of work and can't afford to play but want to and need to, call us. Without any fan fare you'll be on the ice at the next convenient time. That's what Icemen That Care is all about!
  • Insurance - Liability insurance is mandated by all of the local rinks. In order to play with us, you must be paid up. The cost is included in the $45 membership fee per calendar year. It is not medical insurance and Hacker is not part of USA Hockey insurance.
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